BigEasy GLO / Easy Wedge Kit / Carry Case

BigEasy GLO / Easy Wedge Kit / Carry Case
Item# 32995DLX
Unlocks Cars, Truck and vans with ease



The BigEasy Actuates the lock button, door handle or electric locks on 98% of all cars and trucks. 

Fast, easy, with no training required.

  • Glow in the dark yellows allows you to see the tool at night or thru tinted windows.  Tool is 55 inches long
  • Easy Wedge inflatable wedge offers controlled opening of the car door for inserting the BigEasy
  • Lock Knob Lifter is for cars with flat lock knobs at the top of the door
  • Paint protector reduces friction between the car door and the BigEasy tool
  • Carrying case

Package Contains the Following:

BigEasy GLO / Easy Wedge Kit w/Case

  • Kit comes complete with BigEasy GLO, Easy Wedge, BigEasy Wedge, Paint protector and door knob lifer and carry case

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Steck
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