Compressor Service

compressor service

Breathing Air Compressor Service

Industrial Protection Services is able to provide repair and scheduled preventative maintenance for your breathing air compressors and cascade systems. IPS’s technicians are factory trained and certified on Scott Compressors utilizing (Hamworthy, Ingersoll, and Coltri pumps).  We carry an extensive inventory of common replacement parts, oil, and purification cartridges.

Service Procedure:

  • Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection and functional check of the compressor to ensure proper operation.
  • Pre-Service air-sample will be taken per NFPA 1989 standard
  • Compressor oil will be drained and refilled with quality synthetic oil such as Anderol 500®
  • Oil / Water separators will be cleaned and or replaced as needed
  • Purification cartridges will be changed as well as cartridge holder o-rings
  • Auto-Condensate system will be cleaned and flow-fuse “re-set” if required
  • Diesel engine preventative maintenance to be performed if required
  • Post-Service air-sample will be taken per NFPA 1989 standard
  • CO sensor to be calibrated if available
  • Controller service and maintenance reminders to be re-set if required