Rescue Tool Service

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Holmatro Rescue Tool Service

Industrial Protection Services is a proud distributor of Holmatro Rescue Tools.  We are able to provide product sales, training, and service.  IPS currently has six factory certified technicians for your convenience.  IPS also provides both on-site (customers location) as well as in-house repair and annual service, on all Holmatro rescue tools.

What is done at an annual service?

  • Cutters will have blades, hinge bolt, hinge pins, lock rings / screws, and shims removed.
  • Spreaders will have arms, hinge bolts, yolk pins, lock rings / screws, and shims removed
  • Rams will have heads removed
  • All tools will have handles removed
  • All parts will be cleaned and de-greased and inspected
  • Any and all worn parts will be replaced 
  • All twin-line pigtail o-rings and back-up rings will be replaced
  • Blades on cutters will be inspected and dressed if needed
  • All items will be re-greased with the appropriate lubrication and all screws will receive the appropriate anti-seize or thread-lock as needed
  • All tools will be re-assembled and tested with pressure gauges and fixtures as required
  • All hydraulic pumps will have mineral oil drained and re-filled
  • All gas powered pumps will have motor oil changed as well as the spark plug
  • All pumps will have pressures checked and re-set as needed to meet factory specifications.
  • Final test to be performed with pressure gauges to ensure the system as a whole operates as intended from the factory.

Note:  Annual service is required to be performed by an authorized service center in order to maintain Holmatro lifetime warranty.