Turnout Gear Repairs & Cleaning

turnout repairs

Firefighting Protective Apparel Cleaning and Repairs

Industrial Protection will handle the repairs and deep cleaning of your garment. All gear is shipped to a Licensed facility. Gear can be decon cleaned, repaired, adjusted for sizing issue, relettered any problem can be corrected.

Available services are:

Advanced Cleaning
Turnouts and other protective clothing require sophisticated care. Exclusive cleaning chemicals, in combination with proprietary cleaning process, effectively clean gear and other PPE without damage.

Heavy concentrations of fuels, oils, paint, resins, grease, acids, tar, asbestos and other harmful contaminants can be removed from gear without damaging the material, this extends the useful life of your turnouts and helps stretch your budget.

Bio hazard Disinfection
This is the red bag stuff. Gear exposed to blood-borne pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis B or tuberculosis. Must be cared for by using an exclusive disinfection and sterilization process for suspected or known blood-borne pathogen contaminants or other viruses and bacteria.

Advanced Inspection
Not all damage is visible and not every symptom you spot means the gear requires repair. Charring or tearing on an outer shell may be fairly easy to spot, but, you moisture barrier may need repair also. Advanced inspection will find failure points in your gear both inside and out and mark them as needing repair.

Complete Liner Inspection
If your gear has been in service three years or longer, you need to have a complete liner inspection performed annually. Your liner system is opened so that the hidden sides can be evaluated and a Water Barrier Penetration Test (hydrostatic testing) can be performed.This requires specialized equipment and training.

Professional Repair
Firefighting is hard work and even the toughest gear will experience wear and tear. But, worn or damaged gear is often repairable and a more cost-effective solution than replacement. all repairs are handled by trained licensed technicians. They are able to make size adjustments, add or remove lettering and make any other changes required.