Standard Express

Standard Express
Item# Standard Express
Standard Express is classic, traditional, economical turnout gear


Based on the Chieftain 35M model, Standard Express is classic, traditional, economical turnout gear. Perfect for budget conscious departments who want traditional Chieftain, but need it fast; Chieftain Express ships in 4 weeks or less.

Product Features

Standard Express Coats Feature:

  • 35" length
  • Inner woven hook & loop and outer hook & D closure
  • 2" NFPA Standard solid red or yellow trim
  • 9"x3"x2" Double notch radio pocket (XP11) (left chest)
  • Two black Nomex® webbing Mic Clips (left & right chest)
  • Two 10"x10" patch pockets (XP01)
  • Kevlar® knit wrist
  • PCA reinforced cuffs and shoulders
  • Standard Express Pant Features:

    • Regular rise pant with no rear panel
    • DexCuff Reverse Taper Cuff
    • Inner snap outer hook & D closure
    • 2" Solid Trim on cuffs (red or yellow)
    • Two 10"x10" full bellow pockets lined with Kevlar®
    • PCA knees patches
    • Black padded suspenders 
    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer FireDex
    Shoe size No
    Size No