Item# TL-9
The TL-9 is made from half inch solid steel, with a 6 x 6 base plate, and 4 1/2 inch gusseted towers spaced approximately 2 inches apart.


The TL-9 Stabilizer allows for a rapid lift with maximum stabilization

  • Constructed with ½ inch AS-36 Steel
  • Compression tested to 50 tons
  • Works will all hydraulic spreader units
  • Custom made to fit your spreader within an 1/8 of an inch
  • Rapid set-up and operational time, user friendly, extremely efficient, safe and simple to operate
  • Solid construction features provide for unparalleled lateral stability when compared to any other set up of this nature

Behold the TL-9 stabilization device. The solid base plate increases the contact surface area with the ground while the towers provide lateral support for the tool. In addition, there is a solid steel traveling limit pin between the towers that prevents the spreaders from opening beyond 70%. At 70%, lift heights have ranged between 19-30 inches depending on the H.R.T. unit.  When the traveling pin reaches the tops of the towers it locks the lower tip of the spreader into a groove at the front of the plate which works to increase overall stability. 

The TL-9 is currently available for sale & immediate delivery. There are currently 7  stock models being  produced to accommodate the vast majority of commercially available spreaders, and we can custom build a unit to fit any H.R.T or Combination Tool. Each stock model will have slight variances in the width between the towers to account for different spreader tip widths. Each model will allow for only a 1/8 inch of clearance when the tips are inserted to achieve maximum lateral stabilization.  

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer T&J Rescue
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